52 Years Ago Today, March 21,1965, Andy Wall, Des Kearns, and Ken Mills Departed Pittwater, Australia on CARRONADE


Andy, Des, and Ken departed from Pittwater, near Sydney, Australia, on a passage of ultimate adventure!

Little 30 foot timber, CARRONADE, would take them across the vast Pacific. Three young men who didn’t even know how to navigate but with a will, a spirit of adventure, and blue water flowing through their veins,  they headed out across the wild blue sea!!!

Andy didn’t know it at the time, but he was truly on a path to find his “island girl” ME!!!  What a lucky young woman I was to cross tacks with him and become his crew for life!!!

Des and Ken, lift up a noggin of rum today, and salute yourselves, for a job well done!!!  Thank you for being Andy’s great crew!  Thank you, little CARRONADE for taking such great care of these young men!

A day for us to always remember and toast!