A Boat Is My Home

The following article is written by Pam’s son, Jamie Wall. It is published at and was posted online on May 9, 2005.

Jamie Wall was only 7 years old at the time of this article.

“Hello. My name is James and I am seven years old. There are four in my family. I have an older sister. Her name is Samantha. She is eleven years old. I have a mother and father. Their names are Pam and Andy.

I do not live in a house. I live on a boat. Her name is Kandarik. She has a white hull. She has no windows but she has three hatches that suit her very well.

She is made of fiberglass and wood. Our chimney is made from steel. We have three cabins. And a companionway.

My father built our boat because we wanted to sail around the world. So my home is a boat. I like our boat because it sails. I have learned to row our dinghy. I can make tea all by myself.

My favorite place is up forward in my Mummy’s and Daddy’s bed. I share my toys. I share with my sister. I do the drying and my sister does the washing. My sister and I share rowing the dinghy.

Yesterday Mum set the sailing rig up so that I could sail the dinghy because the wind was nice to sail in. I had a really fun time. It has a red sail.

In our main saloon (living room). I like our table. It is varnished a light brown. It can lift two sides and make a big table sort of. In the middle there is a rectangle. It can lift out and there is a well. I like it.

My mother has a telephone. It is a Ham radio. Mommy talks on it a lot. It can reach much farther than a regular phone. Mommy can talk to her friends all over the world.

I live on a boat. I went to the top of the mast in a bosun’s chair. I put a line through a block for the burgee. It was fun.”