April 25-26 – Cruisers University – “Cruising Women” Two Day Seminar

“Cruising Women”

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Women, this year Cruisers University has put together a program just for you! Pam Wall, Kathy Parsons, and Beth Leonard are all experienced cruisers with many miles of sailing experience and years of living aboard. Now the three have joined forces to create a unique two-day event that will give you a whole new perspective on cruising, help you figure out what you want from it – and how to go about getting it – all while having fun! Through seminars on critical topics, honest discussions of the questions you most care about, and hands-on experiences aboard a boat, you will assess your skill levels, figure out what else you need to know, and put in place a plan to get there.

This program empowers women cruisers, whether heading out with a spouse, friends or with family. Many of you may worry about pulling up roots, leaving things behind, and taking your life in a largely unknown direction. We understand how excited – and nervous – you feel. We answer questions like how you’re going to stay in touch with your loved ones, whether you can manage the boat alone on watch and how your relationship will fare with all that togetherness. Cruising can be great fun, made more so by the feeling of accomplishment and empowerment you have when you understand what you are doing. Over the course of the two-day program, you’ll hear our stories – and we will hear yours.

The two-day seminar will be divided into three types of experiences: classroom sessions that will give you an overview of life aboard and the skills you will need both at anchor and underway; question and answer sessions where we’ll focus in on what’s most important to you; and on-boat sessions at the dock that give you a basic familiarity with what is aboard and the chance to see it, touch it, feel it, try it. You’ll leave with a smile on your face, a whole new vision of what cruising means for you… and an action plan for building the skills and gaining the experience you will want when you cast off the dock lines.

Instructors: Pam Wall, Kathy Parsons & Beth Leonard
Kathy Parsons has lived aboard sailboats for 18 years and cruised the US, Bahamas, Central America, and Caribbean. Kathy founded the popular Women and Cruising website and continues on a daily basis to steer the ship of self-exploration that this website for women sailors has become.

Pam Wall raised her family aboard a sailboat, circumnavigated the world, voyaged across every ocean, cruised through the Caribbean, transited the Panama Canal, and sailed through the South Pacific. Her expertise has come from personal experience, a lifetime on the water, and 20 years of professional service with West Marine in Fort Lauderdale, where she started the Outfitting Program.

Beth Leonard, author of three sailing books, has completed 2 circumnavigations with her husband Evan, and logged more than 110,000 nautical miles. She has written hundreds of articles for Cruising World, Practical Sailor, Good Old Boat, Yachting World and several others. Beth brings a wealth of cruising experiences to share with women.