I am getting so excited about the up and coming Annapolis Spring Boat Show where I will once again be teaching at the well known Cruiser’s University.  This four day University is where cruising folks come to learn as much as can be packed into four days of  classroom seminars.  All subjects will be taught from speakers who are the best in their fields of knowledge.  I am always honored to be one of those teachers as I have been for the past few years.

I invite you all to come and take advantage of the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, and Cruiser’s University.  My hour long classes will include subjects:

Proper Prior Planning

Cruising in the Bahamas

Great Products You to Know

Plus I will also be giving a two day very special event at Cruiser’s University for ‘Cruising Women’!!  This year I am thrilled to have Behan Gifford as my wonderful experienced partner in teaching women what they need to know.  We will show you how to understand and enjoy cruising, how to handle all the female situations on a boat, and take you aboard a boat while Behan and I explain all the equipment and why and how it works.  This two day “Cruising Women” event has been so successful for the past five years, it is quickly filling up to the limit of attendees.  If you are interested, ladies, please sign up soon to be sure you can attend this all women two days of learning and fun!

A brief outline of just the Women Cruising event is below:

Cruising Women

The Cruising Women program provides two very unique days of education for, and by women.  Pam Wall and Behan Gifford have each traveled thousands of nautical miles in many areas of the world, and garnered a wealth of information about the cruising life.

Are you prepared to cruise? Pam and Behan will help answer that and many other questions as they fill in the gaps of your knowledge with patience and enthusiasm.  One half-day is spent aboard boats.

The topics include:

  • An introduction to cruising:  with a partner, alone, or with family
  • Developing a personal plan to go cruising
  • Skill sets – learn what you still need to acquire
  • Equipment overview
  • Daily routines and safety
  • Understanding the jargon
  • What works, what doesn’t work
  • Heave lines, tie knots, and become familiar with the equipment above and below deck.

The Cruising Women program is part of the Master Series Package at Cruisers University.  In addition to two fabulous days in this program you get to choose from a wide variety of elective classes held on Saturday and Sunday.

Comments from women attending previous Cruising Women seminars:

  • There is no way to express my gratitude for how gracious you are! You truly made me feel like there is no stupid question.  
  • It reassured me that I am not foolish or crazy for pursuing this dream, this lifestyle. It also helped me believe that I can learn the skills needed to do this, even be good at it!
  • Thanks so much for all the sharing, information, humor, and encouragement. And so non-intimidating! 
  • The wide range of topics covered answered many questions I didn’t know I had. 

Presented by: Pam Wall and Behan Gifford
Cruising Women is part of the Master Cruisers Series, a 4-day Tuition Package. Students will choose electives for Saturday and Sunday

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