Bitter End Yacht Club – In IRMA’S Wake – All Gorda Sound needs your help!

BEYC Before Irna

My most favorite place in the whole wide world is Bitter End Yacht Club… Not only is this a resort in a tropical, lush, and waterfront setting, but it much much more than that!  It is a family of associates.  Most of the Bitter End ‘family’ have been there for the many many years. I have been their guest and sailing instructor and fondest admirer of all their staff.  This loving, caring, and friendly family needs our help. 

IRMA has left the beautiful Bitter End Yacht Club in rubble.  The BEYC ‘family’ is without shelter, food, water and without anything left that we consider life essentials.  Please help me to help them…  It is not an obligation, it is a great way of saying thank you for all the wonderful years of being there for us…  and adding so much to our lives. 

Thank you, Bitter End Yacht Club, may you rebuild your resort, continue to take care of your wonderful family of associates, and give us all the same great pleasures we have had in your company.

Please help Bitter End Yacht Club and it’s associates for many generations to come.


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