Bitter End Yacht Club – Women on the Water Week

home_1_20130509_1737336152Attention all you women sailors out there. Have you ever thought you would like to know more about the sailing you are doing? Would you like to actually learn and understand what you are doing, or helping to do, when you are out there sailing. Can you think of a better way to increase your sailing skills than having lessons from another woman? How many of you out there sailing really understand what you are doing and WHY you are doing it. It would be so much more enjoyable if you felt you could be in control of making some of the sailing, or trimming, or anchoring decisions. How cool if you could share the responsibility for SAILING your boat. Think of the empowerment it would give you to really KNOW what you are doing!

BUT, most women do not want to be taught by their men, kind of like learning to drive a car with your man. Sometimes this just will not work. It seems that so much emotion gets into the learning process and you just simply cannot relax and ENJOY learning.

Bitter End Yacht Club, on magnificent Gorda Sound in the British Virgin Islands, has been having a “women teaching women how to sail week” for many years. The trouble is no one seems to know about it. Bitter End Yacht Club has teamed up with women instructors who come to BEYC just to teach and refine sailing skills to women who want to learn more about the sport their men seem to know all about!

Not only do you get the one on one instruction, but you are situated in one of the world’s most beautiful tropical island paradises with dozens of different boats to sail! Gorda Sound is completely protected and a beautiful peaceful place to learn sailing skills. The Bitter End Yacht Club is a wonderful resort to relax, eat, swim, snorkel, dance, drink, have a massage, and many other terrific activities. So, bring your man with you, only he cannot be on the boats when we are teaching and learning how to sail. BUT, I guarantee they will be so proud that you are getting comfortable and knowledgeable sailing a boat. Your men will encourage this vacation immensely.

Bitter End Yacht Club has cruising expert Pam Wall to be their WOW instructor. No matter how much you know, or don’t know, this time of instruction on the water will bring you girls right up to your expectations of all that you want to learn about sailing.

Come and have a great time learning how to sail or just improving what you already know, and enjoy the wonderful benefits of the lovely and unique Bitter End Yacht Club experience.

Go to To see this beautiful SAILING resort in the British Virgin Islands, and contact Pam Wall to learn more about this year’s event!