Bitter End Yacht Club – Women On the Water

ATTN: Women Sailors!

Ever wanted to get away to someplace tropical and absolutely beautiful?  Would you like to join some women who want to have fun?  What about learning the fine arts of sailing while luxuriating in a fabulous island resort?  Do I have an event for you!!!

Bitter End Yacht Club has been having a wonderful week of fun, luxury, and classes in sailing called WOMEN ON THE WATER WEEK.  This is when women can come to a world class, water side, resort and bask in the luxery of a perfect vacation resort AND get sailing lessons at the same time!  Over the years there are many women who have attended this special event at the lovely Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands.  I know that every one of them had a great time, AND sadly left Bitter End Yacht Club but left thrilled to be completely empowered to know what to do on a sailing boat. All the participants felt at ease being in command of a sailboat at the dock, underway, and at anchor!  All the elements of knowing what to do, and doing it correctly, are taught by WOMEN instructors for this week of relaxing and meeting other women, and learning to improve your sailing skills.

We are looking for women who would like to come for this wonderful week.  If you know friends who would like to come with you, we are open making the dates right for you.  Let your friends know, bring your men with you, but the instruction is for women only by women instructors only!!!  At the end of the week, think of how great it will be to take your man out sailing with you, and be the CAPTAIN and show him what you can do now after a week at WOW!

The three instructors, Pam Wall of West Marine, Martha Parker of Team One Newport, and Betsy Alison Olympic champion.  Pam teaches the women who are timid, not sure of themselves, and women completely new to sailing.  Martha and Betsy help knowledgeable sailing women to improve their sailing technique and give the ability to race with confidence.

Check out the Bitter End Yacht Club web-site: and look in the Events to read all about Women on the Water Week, or WOW!

You can contact Pam Wall if you want more information.

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