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Great Sat Phone Info from Annie with


Sometimes this electronic gear can seem SO complicated!  I remember trying to decipher all of these satellite service packages, how many “minutes” each type of transmission costs, how even to make or receive calls!  But, after some serious research and some serious help from the very professional and friendly associates at OCENS even this old sailor learned a few new …

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PAM SAYS: Watch This Video on How to Steer When You Have Lost Your Steering

Pam At The Helm Hylas

One of the many thoughts about offshore, and inshore, cruising is what can I do if I loose my steering.  All the maintenance and forethought on your boat’s steering system can sometimes fail, and you could be left with no way to steer your boat to safe harbor.  Every conscientious cruiser should have a plan for loss of steering.  Fiorentino …

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Hurricane Erika August 2015


Can you imagine how I felt being all the way across the ocean in France, in gorgeous weather cruising on the French Canals with great friends, when I found out that Fort Lauderdale was in the bull’s eye of the approaching Hurricane Erika? Yes, I had powered up the New River and tied KANDARIK up to my summer Hurricane Season …

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The Ideal Boat – Chain Locker


Andy and I were crossing the Atlantic on tiny CARRONADE, our 30 foot wood sloop, on our way to England for our honeymoon! We spent a lot of time in the cockpit discussing what an ideal boat would have if we built it ourselves when BANG! A shot gun noise rang out up forward. CARRONADE had blown her turnbuckle apart …

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Pam Says: Cruising World’s “Hands On Sailor”

Downwind Pole Outboard End

I am so excited about being a part of the Cruising World’s “Hands On Sailor” page.  Please see the latest Cruising World  “Hands On Sailor” with my tried and true method of sailing with the wind on the quarter and poling out the genoa.  I cannot tell you the miles and miles, across the Tradewinds or to the other side of a bay, …

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