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Hurricane Erika August 2015


Can you imagine how I felt being all the way across the ocean in France, in gorgeous weather cruising on the French Canals with great friends, when I found out that Fort Lauderdale was in the bull’s eye of the approaching Hurricane Erika? Yes, I had powered up the New River and tied KANDARIK up to my summer Hurricane Season …

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Pam Says: Improving Your Headstay Attachment


I have another article in Cruising World! It is always a pleasure to share my knowledge and be published in Cruising World. I hope you enjoy! “A few days ago, I was looking at sailboats with friends, and I was noticing how many of these boats had the furling drums for the roller genoas positioned nearly at deck level with …

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Pam Says: Great New Product by ATN


Take a look at this video! ATN has done it again!  Here is another great new product that ATN made for all genoas that are left up for periods of time to keep clean, to keep out damaging ultra violet rays that destroy cloth, and to keep your genoa ready to use, yet fully protected all the time! Thank you, …

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PAM SAYS: Sleeping Comfort at Sea


One of the most important factors in good seamanship and safety while at sea is to be well rested.  This is impossible if the bunks in your boat are not comfortable, cozy, and safe for the person sleeping in them. It is amazing to me when going aboard many boats that do not have one comfortable off watch sleeping bunk. …

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PAM SAYS: Going to the Movies at Sea


Sailing around the world with two small children on a 39 foot sloop has its challenges!  We sailed our boat, KANDARIK, six wonderful years giving me and Andy and our daughter, Samantha, and son, Jamie, so much more of a life than we ever could of staying at home. Andy and I tried to think of everything we could to …

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