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SOS Electronic Flares – Here at Last – Flares That Do Not Expire – Flares That Last For Hours

SOS Flare 2

Oh my goodness!! At last there is a flare that does not expire, that lasts for hours, and flashes an SOS signal; while up in the air, or floating in the water!  What am I talking about?  The new Weems and Plath SOS Electronic Flare.  I no longer need to purchase expensive flares that expire and go out quickly when …

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Cool Products No One Knows About

How many wonderful products do you have aboard your own boat?  I have so many that I have been using for many years, and many miles, and a lot of these products are unknown to many who are out there cruising.  Look at this list below, and see how many items you know and use constantly.  If you don’t know …

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Steve Dashew’s FPB-78 Recently Launched and Underway from New Zealand to Fiji

FPB 78 1 COCHISE Launch

Take a look at  the interior of the FPB-78, Functional Power Boat, recently launched at Circa Marine and Industrial in Whangarei, New Zealand.  Steve Dashew has done it again; designed and built a new type of luxurious and functional power boat for high latitude cruising. These owner operated power boats are as seaworthy as you can get.  Steve, and his wife …

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REALLY GREAT WORLD WIND MAP – You have got to see this!

Global Winds N And S America

I have just happily met some new friends who were out sailing in the Pacific in their lovely boat about the same time we were in 1985 through 1991.  Hard to believe we never met, although we shared many of the same anchorages just missing one another!  But, as fun would have it, I just met them face to face …

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Sammy 1

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