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Cruising World’s Hands-On Sailor – Pam Says: Protect Your Sails

Mainsail Cover

Another great Cruising World Magazine Hands-On Sailor issue.  Read up on protecting your essential and valuable sails!  Such a fun thing for me to write for Cruising World. Read More – Pam

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PAM SAYS: What is a Boom Gallows? Why a Boom Gallows?

032913SCFL 5777

Many years ago you could not find a sailboat without a boom gallows. A boom gallows is usually a piece of nice teak that is made into a board about the width of the cockpit of a sailboat. The board has cups or indents across the top that allow a boom, when not in use with the mainsail, to cradle …

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Pam Says: Improving Your Headstay Attachment


I have another article in Cruising World! It is always a pleasure to share my knowledge and be published in Cruising World. I hope you enjoy! “A few days ago, I was looking at sailboats with friends, and I was noticing how many of these boats had the furling drums for the roller genoas positioned nearly at deck level with …

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Pam Says: The Perfect Awning Pole

Awing Kandarik 013

Another good idea I like to share is found in the Cruising World Magazine’s Hands On Sailor newsletter!  The newsletter comes out once a month, and there are great ideas passed along by sailors like you and me. You can register for this with Cruising World Magazine, and I will always be posting my articles for you to enjoy! Enjoy the newest entry Pam …

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Pam Says: Cruising World’s “Hands On Sailor”

Downwind Pole Outboard End

I am so excited about being a part of the Cruising World’s “Hands On Sailor” page.  Please see the latest Cruising World  “Hands On Sailor” with my tried and true method of sailing with the wind on the quarter and poling out the genoa.  I cannot tell you the miles and miles, across the Tradewinds or to the other side of a bay, …

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