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SOS Electronic Flares – Here at Last – Flares That Do Not Expire – Flares That Last For Hours

SOS Flare 2

Oh my goodness!! At last there is a flare that does not expire, that lasts for hours, and flashes an SOS signal; while up in the air, or floating in the water!  What am I talking about?  The new Weems and Plath SOS Electronic Flare.  I no longer need to purchase expensive flares that expire and go out quickly when …

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Cruising World’s Hands-On Sailor – Pam Says: Protect Your Sails

Mainsail Cover

Another great Cruising World Magazine Hands-On Sailor issue.  Read up on protecting your essential and valuable sails!  Such a fun thing for me to write for Cruising World. Read More – Pam

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PAM SAYS: What is a Boom Gallows? Why a Boom Gallows?

032913SCFL 5777

Many years ago you could not find a sailboat without a boom gallows. A boom gallows is usually a piece of nice teak that is made into a board about the width of the cockpit of a sailboat. The board has cups or indents across the top that allow a boom, when not in use with the mainsail, to cradle …

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Pam Says: Improving Your Headstay Attachment


I have another article in Cruising World! It is always a pleasure to share my knowledge and be published in Cruising World. I hope you enjoy! “A few days ago, I was looking at sailboats with friends, and I was noticing how many of these boats had the furling drums for the roller genoas positioned nearly at deck level with …

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Pam Says: The Perfect Awning Pole

Awing Kandarik 013

Another good idea I like to share is found in the Cruising World Magazine’s Hands On Sailor newsletter!  The newsletter comes out once a month, and there are great ideas passed along by sailors like you and me. You can register for this with Cruising World Magazine, and I will always be posting my articles for you to enjoy! Enjoy the newest entry Pam …

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