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PAM SAYS: Bananas 102

Summer 2007 091

In Bananas 101 I shared a way to keep an entire stalk of bananas ready for the tummy.  Now let me give you another idea that I used time and time again because it was so easy. Here is a recipe for Banana Bread that you can double, or triple, or make however many you want, and freeze or put …

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PAM SAYS: Bananas 101


What do you do with a stalk of bananas, all ripening at the same time? This was a question that I pondered when we sailed around the world and either purchased, for pennies really, or were given entire stalks of green bananas. Anywhere tropical, the West Indies, South Pacific, Indonesia, even Madagascar, and other wonderful warm places, had the stalks …

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KANDARIK’s Homemade Brownies

Women & Cruising published KANDARIK’s famous Homemade Brownie Recipe. To enjoy the recipe CLICK HERE

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