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Adventure Sports Podcast — Part 1


It really is a funny feeling to listen to the playback from your own interview!  I was kind of nervous, but Travis Parsons, with Adventure Sports Podcast, was an exceptional interviewer and just an incredibly fun person to chat with.  He reached out to me to do an interview about my “little history” which started out, first, as an exceptional …

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Fastnet, Force 10!

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If you have not read John Rousmaniere’s hair-raising book, “Fastnet, Force 10,” you should!  This book was written in direct response to the tragic 1979 Fastnet Race from Cowes, England, around Fastnet Rock off the coast of Ireland, and back to Cowes. While this sailboat race had been run many times, the boats in the 1979 Race encountered Force 10 …

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Thanksgiving at Sea

Kandarik Galley P J A

I really should be waiting until November to tell you this story. But, do you ever have rainy days where you sit at your computer, look at photos from way back, and remember incidents that happened many years ago? Today it is raining cats and dogs, and I am sitting here staring at my screen because I will not go …

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Salt of a Sailor: A Hilarious, True-to-Life Tale

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I am usually hesitant to read a book about sailing.  I am so over authors who should know better but paint a wrong picture, in my eyes, because they simply are not accurate.  Even some movies on sailing infuriate me because they misrepresent the lifestyle I love and know so well! But, occasionally I read a sailing book that I …

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What’s In a Book?


After all the many years of working for West Marine, I have seen and sold so many electronic pieces of equipment that only a short time ago could be found in a book: tide tables, weather books, navigation books, how to books, cruising guides, and of course the wonderful stories of other sailors and cruising folk who paved the way …

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