Coffee Beans!


I know this isn’t really boat oriented, but I just have to let you know about something I discovered just yesterday!

I was sent a bag of very fragrant coffee beans as a present for my son, James.  Before I even opened my mailbox I could smell the heavenly beans that were packed in a Priority USPO Mail Bag!   When I opened the envelope in the house, all of a sudden, like a magic Genie, the coffee fragrance floated through  the entire house and it smelled like a delicious coffee cafe.  It was so appealing and the scent even affected my sleep last night as I dreamed about drinking a lovely cup of coffee in a delightful little coffee house in France!

coffeeSo, before I give my son the bag of fresh coffee beans, I have taken out a cup of the beans!  Don’t tell James.  And now they are placed in my living room, and the entire house has a lovely subtle fragrance of fresh brewed really good coffee.

Well, I am going to put some on my boat, KANDARIK, this morning.  What could be better that waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, before you even open your eyes?

Maybe I should patent this and make a small fortune, and then be able to anchor next to you in the Bahamas as often as I like!

Just a thought, hope you like coffee, and see if this works for you as well.  It is really nice.