Cool Products No One Knows About

How many wonderful products do you have aboard your own boat?  I have so many that I have been using for many years, and many miles, and a lot of these products are unknown to many who are out there cruising.  Look at this list below, and see how many items you know and use constantly.  If you don’t know what they are, I can tell you for sure they have worked for me, and I have used all of them, and they are no secret nor are they difficult to acquire. 

 If you want any more information on any of these products, just write to me and I will give you the full explanation of why I highly recommend them.  Or, come to my many seminars at the boat shows across the country where I give detailed explanations about each and every one of these cool products and how I use them on a daily basis!  Sharing good information is such fun for me!!

Anyone who has attended or will attend my seminar on these cool products will now be able to get to them really easily.  I hope this helps your cruising fun!!!

CrewWatcher MOB System

Kanberra Gel products                                                          

Road Rule Nav Aid by Weems and Plath

Light Rule Nav Aid by Weems and Plath

Crystal Magnifier for chart work by Weems and Plath       

Recording Barometer Weems and Plath

Electonic Flare

MegaBraid from New England Ropes

Dan Buoy from Just-Marine

Shark Drogue by Fiorintino


Luci Lite

Hol Tite Suction Cup Handles

Matrix VHF and Class B AIS

Ram Mic for cockpit

Tru Plugs thru hole bungs

Hand Held Depthsounder

Reflective Tape

Boeshield T-9

Look Buckets

Stabilize Binoculars

FLIR night vision

Spanish for Cruisers

French for Cruisers

Dye Marker

 Marine Horn for tenders

Fiberglass Stain Remover FSR

Marine Tex

Underwater Epoxy

Mini Pocket Torches

ABA stainless steel hose clamps

Caframo Fans

Breeze Booster Self Supporting Hatch Wind Scoops

Vacuum Gauge for Racor Fuel Filters

Reverso oil change transfer pump

Fuel Funnel Filters

Floating yellow tender towing line New England Ropes

All ATN Product for sailing

Harken One Drop Ball Bearing Lube


Self Bonding Rigging Tape and Atomic Tape

Many of these products would be wonderful gifts for anyone with a boat!  I hope this helps you when looking for something that few know exist!

Have a great time cruising and I hope some of these great products will help you along the way!