Cruisers University at the Annapolis Spring Boat Show – What a wonderful fun time!!!

CU Pam And Behan 4.29.17 E1493794828862

There is nothing like the fun of sharing good information with wonderful people!!  Behan Gifford and Pam Wall had the most wonderful time at the Annapolis Spring Boat Show’s CRUISERS UNIVERSITY.

We have met so many lovely new cruising friends and have been able to present our Cruising Women’s Two Day Class with 28 women who have all become our new best friends! 

Thank you, Cruisers University for giving us the opportunity to spread the word on how lucky we both are to have lived the life of cruising around the world on our own boats.  We were able to pass on to other women the joy of always being able to sleep in our own beds, enjoy so many new places on our globe, meet fascinating people, soak up the beauty of our planet, and raise our children to appreciate all that living aboard a small boat can offer them!  And we sincerely hope our Cruising Women’s class helped other women to gain confidence and anticipate a wonderful lifestyle!

Thank you, Behan, what fun working together with you!  Thank you, Kathy Parsons and Beth Leonard for setting the stage with past Cruising Women’s classes with all your wonderful knowledge and experience. 

I am truly a very lucky woman and I thank Cruisers University for giving me the ability to share with so many others what I think is the most wonderful life a woman can have!!