Andy Wall Double Braid Splicing DVD Available Now

I wonder how many reading this will remember the splicing seminars that Andy Wall gave at the Sail America Boat Shows?

Andy gave presentations that were well attended by many people who wanted to learn how to splice line. The room was always packed and everyone crowded around Andy to watch him make the magical splices. As the attendees left the seminars they all asked Andy to make a video of his splicing techniques so that they could refer to his lessons once they got home.

Andy and New England Ropes made an instructional video of the difficult, but really quite easy, splicing of double braid. The video was a smashing success and everyone who bought one thanked Andy for making it so understandable and easy to learn.

If you want to take the mystery out of double braid splicing and get to know how to do it easily, Andy’s video is available again on this web site! This DVD will show you how easy it is to make a double braid splice!

If you would like to have this DVD, just let me know and I will send it to you. Place your order through, using Pay Pal. Each DVD is $25 and includes shipping and handling. Then, you must let me know that you are doing these splices all yourself and you too have solved the mystery!!!!

To order, remember to send me an e-mail at: and let me know how many  DVD’s you want to purchase.  I will then send you a payment request via PayPal.  You do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase.   Follow the instructions in the e-mail I return to you and after I receive payment through PayPal I will send you the DVDs.  It sounds complicated but it is very simple, TRUST ME!