EGRET is For Sale

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Sometime or other most sailors end up with a trawler!  And going from sail to a trawler with a Nordhavn is like eating ice cream and then having a hot fudge sundae!!

What a fantastic trawler and EGRET is even better than most Nordhavns of her same size and vintage.  She is, for one thing a fly bridge, something I think is a necessity.  EGRET has been lovingly owned and cared for and voyaged around the world.  Not only has EGRET faced all oceans, but she has lived a great deal of her life in really high latitudes and has taken the best care of her owners, my good friends.  I know this is a very special trawler, because I know the owners and how they are meticulous in their maintenance, particular in the right systems to have aboard, and definitely world voyagers.

Take a look at this website and see what a wonderful trawler EGRET is and can be for you!

Let me know if I can help you and we can, together, get with the owners, and they can show you firsthand what a wonderful boat this is.  I want to help my friends, and I look forward to helping you.

Nordhavn 46 For Sale.

Maybe someday you will see me at the helm of a trawler like EGRET, but KANDARIK will always be my first love!!