Electronic Flares – Available At Last – Long Lasting -Reusable-Reliable

SOS Flare

Another product that we have all been waiting for; an electronic, battery powered, reusable, Electronic Flare and SOS Distress Light!   Weems and Plath have done it again!  Helping us out there on the water to be safer and more secure. 

Think of this, an electronic flare that lasts for hours and hours, a flare that can float and does not go out if it hits the water, recharge and re-use the flare by replacing batteries, and a flare that flashes an SOS signal to get help to you quickly…. 

I have three of these new electronic flares on my boat now.  One handy to the cockpit, one in my ditch bag, and one I keep in my tender.  I do NOT have to replace them.  The are mine forever with no expiration date.  They use batteries for replacements. You just cannot go wrong.

Go to the Weems and Plath booth D 205 Tent D at the fabulous Miami International Boat Show February 15 through 19, 2018 on Virginia  Key to see these flares!! 

See you there!


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