February 18, 2013 – Strictly Sail MIAMI – “What Works” Seminar

Monday February 18, 2013 at 2:15p & 3:30p, Pam Wall will be presenting her “What Works” seminar at the Strictly Sail MIAMI show in Tent B.

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What Works

Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference. With decades of cruising and tens of thousands of miles under their keels, cruisers Pam Wall and Kathy Parsons have learned lots of little things that make cruising safer, more comfortable, more successful. In this quick-paced seminar, they will share some of their favorite tips, techniques and gear. They will cover the full gamut of cruising: from passage-making, boat-handling, anchoring, line-handling, provisioning, stowage and boat systems, safety, communications, finances. You are bound to learn new ideas to improve your cruising. Presented by Author’s Corner Sponsored by Author’s Corner