Florida Anchoring Rights


Hello to all my friends who live in Florida and to all my cruising friends who want to visit Florida.

Please read about the new laws that are being contemplated for the State of Florida.  We shall all be affected by the outcome.

I ask you to please fill out the survey, protect our rights to anchor our boats, keep Florida a haven for anyone enjoying the climate, the jumping off place for islands and other countries, and the Cruising Community that makes South Florida the Sailing Capital of the World!

Thank you all, and here’s to a restriction free anchoring policy for our boats!


AHOY Fellow Cruisers! SSECN just received this survey from the Florida Department of Natural Resources and they are asking for a widespread response. Here is your chance to be heard on the controversial subject of Anchoring Rights in Florida. Please pass the survey along to friends who might not see this posting. Thanks!


You have been identified as an interested party on potential anchoring regulations on Florida waters. This message is your invitation to contribute your thoughts on this subject through an online survey FWC has developed in response to feedback received at three prior public meetings this year. This survey has crucial explanatory language in the form of a video and audio messages (text options are available). To minimize the risk of confusion please listen to the messages in their entirety. Immediately following each video or audio message are questions specifically related to the information contained in that message. It is our desire to obtain the most widespread response possible from all parties with an interest in this subject. Thank you for your time and interest in completing this survey.

The survey may be accessed at this site: