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Pam Wall’s consulting services offer the expertise, advice and security of over a decade of Outfitting Management with West Marine, years of raising a family on a sailboat while circumnavigating the globe, and a lifetime of cruising the waters of the world. Consulting can come in many forms, but what you gain is the knowledge, comfort, and an understanding of coastal and bluewater cruising that will allow you and your family to enjoy your time on the water, with the peace of mind that you are prepared.

Seminars by Pam Wall are given at numerous conventions, yacht clubs, and boat shows around the world. The price of these are dependent on the location she is lecturing at, but many times they are free for those participating in the event. The seminars highlight different aspects of important topics involving sailing, cruising, and life on the water. Pam is also available to give private seminars for your organization, crew, or club.

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Personalized Outfitting & Consultations

Pam Wall Cruising Consultant is an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge, comfort, experience, and expertise in sailing and boating. From secret coves to homemade brownie recipes and from Trans Atlantic cruising tips to anchor types and suggestions, this site will become an amazing resource for your cruising needs.

Pam Wall has served the Marine Industry for decades. She has raised her family aboard a sailboat, circumnavigated the world, voyaged across every ocean, cruised through the Caribbean, transited the Panama Canal, and sailed through the South Pacific. Her expertise has come from personal experience, a lifetime on the water, and years of professional service with West Marine and other major retailers in the Marine Industry.

Pam’s personal consulting services come in many forms, but are not the only service she offers. Her Seminars are perfect for advice and suggestions on numerous topics, including Bluewater Cruising, Family Sailing, or the Atlantic Circle.

Her constantly updated Blog will offer little secrets and tips, along with upcoming events, published articles, and personal stories of family adventures. You can learn about her life of sailing and cruising in the Biography section, and the Photography section offers amazing images of a family aboard KANDARIK, their 39 ft sloop.

Please enjoy the site, and if you ever have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact Pam directly at: pam@pamwall.com