Hurricane IRMA spared us here in Fort Lauderdale

Hello, all my dear friends.  This is just a quick note to let you know we are OK here in Fort Lauderdale.  We had mandatory evacuation before Irma arrived, and Jamie and I did all we could to save our house and boat.  It was agony leaving, and even worse, wondering if we had anything to come home to.

We were VERY VERY VERY lucky as Irma went a bit further west of her intended path and spared us the destruction that so many other less fortunate people are now dealing with.

KANDARIK remained safe and untouched way up the New River thanks to two wonderful friends, Dag and Bob, who looked after her after Jamie and I had to evacuate.

The house only had about 7 feet of storm surge, unlike the the 8 to 10 feet predicted, and just missed encroaching on the house.  My garden is a disaster area, we can fix that in the future. 

Please know that I am thinking about and caring for all the others who are suffering so much from the Wrath of Irma.