I Know This Beautiful Ocean Going Yacht SPIRIT OF ULYSSES


This morning I was typing away at my computer, writing a Pam Says, and Skype comes up with a name I recognized from a dear friend I had not heard from in a long time.  Thanks to the magic of Skype, R. and I immediately caught up on all his marvelous adventures crossing the Pacific to Australia and then back again via Alaska, and through the Panama Canal, and eventually back to his home in Europe.

I had a wonderful time on that magical Skype with R., and we chatted face to face about family, grandchildren, boats, and passages!  Sound familiar?

openI had met R. at West Marine and we had become instant friends as we came to recognize our mutual affection for taking our own boats on ocean passages.  R., however, did his “sailing” a completely different way from our sailing a 39 foot sloop around the world.  The lovely and magnificent SPIRIT OF ULYSSES, is a 73 foot Nordhavn trawler is the vessel that R. sailed across the oceans.  No matter what conveyance we have, a spirit of adventure, like Ulysses, was in both of us and while we voyaged on different sea worthy vessels, we shared the love of a long passage, the thrill of a new landfall, and the rewards that can only come when we make these passages relying on our boats and ourselves for our safety, comfort, and fun!

SPIRIT OF ULYSSES is now lying in Malta.  She has successfully and comfortably taken R. and his friends and family on voyages that Ulysses himself would contemplate!  If anyone is interested in continuing this voyaging Spirit, on a fabulous boat that has logged over 55,000 ocean miles, then look at the listing below as she is now looking for a new adventuress owner to take her even further on her passages of discovery.

If you want to know more about the SPIRIT OF ULYSSES, let me know!  She is truly the ultimate  vessel for ocean voyaging!

Check out the SPIRIT OF ULYSSES here.