January 13, 14, 15th, 2018 -TORONTO BOAT SHOW – Ultimate Cruising Symposium

The Ultimate Cruising Symposium: Weather,

Oceanography, Vessel Strategies & Resources

plus Outfitting and Handling all Weather


January 13,14 & 15

This year the Toronto Boat Show will be featuring Premium All Day Seminars!  The new very important feature of the education program at the Toronto Boat Show will afford attendees much more indepth knowledge for our cruising lives.

What better way to be ready for your next cruise than to learn about weather, tides and currents, and the best procedures for your boat, and you, to have a safe and pleasant cruise? With the knowledge you gain from this Premium Seminar Series, you will be able to handle your boat in any weather or sea state situation?

I am honored to be presenting along with well known senior meteorologist, Lee Chesneau, and Dr. Frank Bohlen, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Connecticut.

Learn all you have to know about predicting the weather you will encounter while cruising, the sea state and tides and ocean currents, and what equipment and procedures you need to know to handle all weather, tides and current situations.  

See the schedule below, and sign up early as there is limited seating.  This is a great opportunity to learn how the weather and tides and currents affect your boat, and get to understand what you can do to keep your boat and your crew happy comfortable and safe cruisers.

To get the most valuable information attend all three sessions as they are purposely intertwined for your safety and comfort at sea.

See the Schedule and Registration here: