January 13 through 16, 2018 – TORONTO BOAT SHOW – Pam Wall Free Seminars

Toronto Boat Show 2018

It is 2018 and the beginning of another year of boat shows across the country!  How many of you in this wintery cold weather are thinking of all you are going to be able to do this spring and summer on your boats?  The Toronto Boat Show is the first show of 2018 where I will be there excited to see everyone, to help them with their cruising dreams, give advice on what you need to fulfill those dreams, and to encourage attendees to have the best equipment to make those delightful days afloat more enjoyable and safe and efficient..

I will be giving free seminars January 13 through 16, and hope to see you! 

And I will also have the great fun of working together with Lee Chesneau and Dr. Frank Bohlen, for our new three day Ultimate Cruising Syposium”  More on that new venue for the Toronto Boat Show in my next post!!!   

Read the schedule below, mark your calendars, and even plan a lunch or dinner or breakfast with me!!!  Let’s get together and talk about our boats!

See you there!


My Free Seminars are listed here: