Never Miss A Sunrise – Dedicated to Sammy

Sammy 1

It’s a rainy day today, as I watch the third Tropical Depression of the Hurricane Season slowly heading this direction.  Please keep it away from Fort Lauderdale!!

Not a good day to be outside, so I was going over a lot of paperwork, and photographs, and filing things away.   My sister, Wendy, had given me four pages of something I wrote a long time ago.  My desk was full of papers that had to be organized. I just now read the four pages to get them off my desk. What a  flood of wonderful memories came back to me!

Here it is, it’s just a little bit of script that conjures up all kinds of happy days I had with Andy and Sammy and Jamie!  Sammy, this is for you, and the next one will be for Jamie!

I hope you all enjoy this.