NOW is the Time to Register for the Ultimate Cruising Symposium!

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The Ultimate Cruising Symposium will be presented this year October 11 and 12, 2015 at the famous MITAGS maritime school adjacent to BWI airport and the Annapolis Boat Show.


Once again Lee Chesneau, Frank Bohlen, John Rousmaniere, and Pam Wall will be giving cruisers the opportunity to gather information on the combination and intertwining of weather, tides and currents of the oceans, safety precautions, how to handle storm weather, and outfitting your boat for all the situations you may have while sailing and cruising.  This is a very special event that combines many safety and comfort aspects of the cruising life. The timing is convenient for attending after the Annapolis Boat Show as many will come from near and far for the famous boat show. It is the perfect time to follow the show with this unique seminar series that was so popular last year. See my ‘Blog’ post for “Butter, Eggs, Sugar, Flour” to read more about the Ultimate Cruising Symposium!

Register HERE.

Syllabus HERE.

I hope to see you there and help make your cruising a knowledgeable and safe experience.

– Pam