Ocean Cruising Cub Newsletter – September 2010

The September 2010 issue of The Ocean Cruising Club Newsletter just came out.  On page 13 is an introduction to Fort Lauderdale, Florida by the new Port Office, ME!  Pam Wall!  Not only do I want to welcome all the wonderful Ocean Cruising Club members, but I would like to invite everyone to come to Fort Lauderdale as it truly is the Mecca of yachting in the Southeastern United States.

As it is not online for anyone to read, here is the body of the article:

“What an honour and a thrill for me to be writing to you in the hope of welcoming you to Fort Lauderdale, Florida – ‘my’ port!

I have been living here in this lovely tropical city for over 40 years. I live here because it is an ideal place to keep a yacht and the most perfect situation to arrive from and depart for almost anywhere our fine vessels can take us.

We have an ideal situation here where the tidal influence is nil, only about 2 1/2ft (0.76m), the city is filled with palm lined canals, there are many five star marinas and, best of all, this is the place where just about anything can be found that is necessary for maintaining, improving and updating our precious boats.

That brief introduction doesn’t even come close to all the wonderful aspects of this well situated port – and I think it is our magnificent tropical climate that is the main inducer to come and visit here, especially in the winter when the higher latitudes suffer the winter cold.


Fort Lauderdale’s close neighbours, the Bahamas, West Indies, Bermuda and even the lovely Northeastern United States and the Panama Canal, give this port the advantage of being close to the best that cruising has to offer. This is the place to take refuge, get all your chores under your hats, relax and enjoy our waterways, and then take off for many more nautical miles of adventure.


Coming into Fort Lauderdale is so easy. Our breakwater entrance to Port Everglades offers no hazards other than maybe giving the crew too much to look at and admire with all the yachts, the romantic sea port and the marinas to port and starboard.


Why don’t you call in and let me help you find what you need, recommend the best places to get what you are looking for and, most of all, to share a cup of tea. or a cold drink with me in our tropical garden where my Freya 39 Kandarik has her own berth alongside the dock at the foot of the lawn.

I look forward to hearing from all OCC members heading this way.”