PAM SAYS: A Great Idea for a Tender Running Light

pam hat with lightOne of the greatest things I found at the Miami International Boat Show is so simple, it is difficult to understand why everyone doesn’t have one!!

When using my dinghy to get around in the dark, how many times have I forgotten a flashlight, or tried to glue on a bow light on my RIB, or looked for a long pole to attach easily to the transom of my RIB, or just plain wondered how in the world can I get around in the dark in my tender and be seen without being blinded by a light I am holding in my hand?

Well, those days are over since I found the Tri -Color Navi Light by Navisafe. This ingenious little LED light is small as a hockey puck, attaches to the thin magnet placed in your baseball cap, has either a tri-color, a red, a green, or an all around white with the push of a button. Because it is worn on the top or your head, the light never can blind you, and it is up high for greater visibility. It is brilliant, easy to keep in your tender and quickly attach to your hat, and can be seen for 2nm and is Coast Guard approved. Not only that, it floats and is water proof!!

I won’t leave home without it!

You could purchase this product by following the link below. For free shipping in the US and Canada, use the coupon code PAMSAYS at checkout for orders of $30 or more. (Coupon code will expire at the end of March.)