PAM SAYS: A Lovely New Book About the Dream of Sailing


When I arrived at the Seattle Boat Show at the end of January, I was to present an all day seminar entitled: “Empowering The First Mate”. This seminar was a great success with its attendees, and I was so glad to have the opportunity to help others become confident when sailing.

Another surprise and terrific addition to this seminar was having Sally-Christine Rodgers come to the seminar room and give a power point presentation about her sailing in French Polynesia. Her brand new book, quite literally hot off the press, was being featured at the Seattle Boat Show. Besides giving a beautiful presentation, Sally-Christine also told of her experiences as the wife of a really good sailor while she knew much less than her husband, the mother of a young son, the chef, the mate, the watch keeper, the photographer, and the journal writer on a voyage to French Polynesia on a brand new boat.

After her presentation I just had to get the book. I wanted to read it from cover to cover. I dreamed over the great photos of the life I love to live so dearly. This new book, by Sally-Christine Rodgers, “Convergence” will sweep you, the reader, to paradise, will give you an incite to the feelings and emotions that a woman has while sailing with her family, and above all it tells a story of the wonders, and challenges, of the cruising life style.

I loved this book, and highly recommend it to men, women, and children! As one reader put it, “If I were stranded on a beach, and had only one book to read, I would choose “Convergence!” Now that is saying a lot about a brand new book written with such personal feelings.

Let me know if you would like to get this new book for your wife, your girl friend, your daughter, your man, and your entire family! I can help you purchase this new beautifully written and illustrated book that will have a mesmerizing effect to get you out there too!