PAM SAYS: Bananas 102

Summer 2007 091

In Bananas 101 I shared a way to keep an entire stalk of bananas ready for the tummy.  Now let me give you another idea that I used time and time again because it was so easy.

Here is a recipe for Banana Bread that you can double, or triple, or make however many you want, and freeze or put in the fridge what you can use in a couple of days.  I never make just one loaf of Banana Bread mostly because as soon as that fragrant smell comes out of the oven, it is tea time aboard KANDARIK and we almost demolish the first loaf as soon as it is cool enough to eat!

This is a simple recipe that has most ingredients aboard our cruising boats.  Like my brownie recipe you can find here, this is a recipe that was used so many times there is no way I can count!  I tried many recipes, but found this one the easiest and I had aboard all the ingredients most of the time.

  • In a bowl put a quarter pound of butter,  that’s one stick of softened butter
  • Add one cup of sugar (I never ever said these were non fattening, but soooo good!)
  • Cream the butter and sugar then add:
  • Two Eggs
  • And six smashed bananas (see why it’s a good idea to get a stalk?)
  • Add if you have it a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice
  • In a separate bowl mix together:
  • One and a third cups flour
  • One half teaspoon salt
  • One teaspoon baking powder
  • Stir together
  • Then slowly add this to the banana and sugar and egg mix stirring to make it all a nice gooey batter
  • Add some crushed walnuts, yum yum.
  • Put in a greased and lightly floured bread pan and bake at 350 degrees for one hour or until a toothpick comes up clean from the center of the bread pan.

Cool, slice, and sit in your cockpit enjoying a really delicious afternoon tea!


P.S. Look at this photo!  It is my favorite store in the whole world.  And unique as I have never encountered another store quite like it!  It sells only BANANAS!!!  Go visit it in Praia de Vitoria,  Terceira,  Azores!  How cool is that?

P.P.S. the Banana bread recipe came from a little book “Victory Chimes Cookbook”  VICTORY CHIMES is a windjammer in Maine that Sammy, my daughter, worked on.