PAM SAYS: Become Your Own Maintenance Captain

Sailboats at dock - CCToday many cruising folks are following the Trades and sailing offshore to interesting and exotic, and sometimes very isolated, harbors.  The boats they sail need Tender Loving Care to give the crews the best and safest passages possible. Because most long distance sailors are exposing their boats to salt water, Yeah for the Oceans of the World, there is a lot of maintenance involved with keeping your boat ship shape.

For your comfort, safety, and knowledge, I have a seminar based on BECOMING YOUR OWN MAINTENANCE CAPTAIN, wherever you may be. Read below for the list I give out at this seminar when explaining all the small but important maintenance projects you can do aboard the boat yourself. Hopefully you could print out this list for yourself, or copy and paste the items into your own list. But the takeaway here is that it is so important to have a regular maintenance program for all of these critical components on your boat that you could do yourself!

This will, I hope, make your boat happy and keep you and your crew safe and having more fun! I hope this list will become your own Maintenance List, and if you want all my explanations for maintaining these items, you can arrange for me to give the seminar where I will elaborate on all these points of maintenance.

Download Pam’s Maintenance List