PAM SAYS: Dark Colors Last Longer


Ever wonder why the stitching in your clew, or tack, or head of your favorite sail always need re-stitching? Why are so many bimini tops blue? Funny the way my dark towels dry so much faster in the sun.

Well, it is a proven fact that dark colors repel ultra violet ray and lighter colors like white, light gray, beige absorb UV and thus deteriorate so much quicker than darker colored materials.

Here is a good tip, make all your material things out of dark colors like bimini tops, dodgers, sun covers for your genoa leech and foot, sail covers for your mainsails, and even the stitching in all these items that you have aboard your boat.

kandarik-09-007This one little choice will make a huge difference in the life of your sails, covers, tops, and the stitching as well. White and lighter colors absorb UV and thus deteriorate at a much faster rate that reflective UV in darker colors.

All our covers, bimini top, dodger, awning, stitching in our sails, the towels we use aboard the boat, and the clothes we often wear, are dark colors to protect and extend the life of everything they cover aboard our boat.

All you have to do is look at a clear or yellow jerry can stowed on deck in the sun close to a red or black jerry can. The white or light colored jerry can will disintegrate almost as quick as a wink. Yet the darker ones, of red or black last almost three times longer.

Just remember, when choosing colors to reflect the damaging UV rays of the sun, the darker the color the better for protection and longer life! Light colors absorb UV and quickly deteriorate. Yes, the darker colors also absorb much more heat than the lighter colors, but it is not the heat you must be concerned about. It is the totally damaging UV that is so destructive to materials and our own skins!