PAM SAYS: Making a Textilene Curtain That Shades the Cockpit


shadeI just read another post in the Women Who Sail Facebook page about how to make a curtain for sun protection for your cockpit.  While I have another earlier Pam Says for the uses of Textilene, I foolishly forgot to mention specifically how to protect your cockpit using a simple Textilene curtain.

Such an easy solution on what material to use, and how to hang a curtain for full protection from the sun.

If a picture could tell a thousand words, look at these photos and see how we attach our portable Textilene curtain to our awning.  Simple eyes in the edge of the awning, and stainless steel S hooks, for ease of putting on and taking off the curtain, make it so simple and easy to change positions.  These same eyes could be put into a bimini top as easily as our awning.  eyesThe curtain can be hung from either port, or starboard, or aft on the awning insuring the proper position for any time of the day and where the sun comes into the cockpit!

Keep it simple, KISS, is the way to go.  Thanks ladies for giving me ideas for another Pam Says and I hope this helps with future cool products for your boat and your own protection.