PAM SAYS: Man’s Best Friend – Textilene

kandarik 09 002The most challenging danger we cruising sailors have is the protection from the sun!  This has become the prominent, most important, safety feature we have for our cruising lifestyle.  Take it from me, after years and years of no protection from the sun, I am now paying a dear price for that lack of understanding of that lovely ball of fire  and what it does to our skin!  We never knew the terrible affects of sun while we were sailing around the world.  We enjoyed the sun and it’s full warmth and healthy looking bodies.  If only we had known better!

Today there are so many ways to protect oneself from the harmful rays of the glorious sun!  Thank goodness we are now aware of its dangers and can do all we can to keep as much of those rays off our bodies.

When cruising in the tropics, especially in the Trade Wind areas of the world, you can pretty much bet the afternoon at anchor will find everyone in the cockpit enjoyed their sundowners and each other’s company.  This, unfortunately, is the same time of the day our boats are swinging to the anchor with a nice easterly direction wind.  That leaves the cockpit in full exposure to the late afternoon sun!  This is the hottest time in the cockpit, and of course with the reflection from the lowering sun on the water, it intensifies those hot sun rays on our skin.

Picture82But, if you can make a curtain of the wonderful sun protection Textilene, that shades the cockpit from the afternoon sun, you can enjoy the cockpit all day long!

Our Textilene shades can attach to our Bimini Top, or we have an extra Textilene curtain that we can hang from our awning and move around the sides or the aft side of the cockpit.  Textilene comes in many colors, so you can coordinate with the colors on your boat.  This is so simple, so safe, so comfortable!  These curtains give us full sun protection, keep everything cooler, and allow the wind to breeze through much like screens, and do not block any vision!

See the photos and enjoy the comfort and peace of mind these shades will give you.  Pam