PAM SAYS: Take What You Like to EAT!


Seriously, when I was getting prepared to sail around the world with our two small children, I worried and worried about how to provision with enough food for all of us to eat, and enjoy eating.  The three meals a day, especially at sea, are the three most important, looked forward to, and nourishing times of the day as you thunder down the Trades!

So, I read books, I went to seminars, I talked to friends, I even asked my Doctor, and you know what?  I filled all my lockers up with food that I was told was necessary, was healthy, and was going to be good and long lasting.  In retrospect, I was given a lot of great information, BUT, I came home after seven years with most of that “necessary food” untouched and taking up a lot of valuable space.

eggsAs we sailed, and accustomed ourselves to our lives at sea and visiting out of the way places, we adjusted to the fact that what we should eat from all our stores packed into our lockers, was NOT what we wanted or liked to eat!  The fact was that we only wanted to eat what we liked, not what was good for us perhaps, not what could last forever in the lockers, and not what tasted only so so.

We began to eat off the sea, off the lands we visited, and learned how to keep fresh fruits and vegetables for a long time.  We ate what we could find in local markets, and that eggs lasted forever if you did NOT grease them, did not quick boil them, did nothing but keep them in cardboard containers and merely turn the containers over, without touching the eggs, once a week.  We could  put aboard 12 dozen eggs and they lasted about three months with only a very few going bad, but they were NOT in air tight plastic containers, they were in soft cardboard, and turned over every week.  That was all we did.

We arrived home after 6 and a half years of wonderful healthy eating and unbelievable experiences for our entire family.  And I threw away 75 percent of the original food that had been put aboard when we departed Fort Lauderdale.

The meaning of this little blog, is TAKE WHAT YOU LIKE TO EAT, and eat what you find and are able to get along the way!  Do NOT take what you think you should take, or what others like to eat, this will insure you have a happy and healthy crew!