PAM SAYS: The Mighty Ziploc Bags


I don’t have to say much about how valuable the Ziploc bag has become to all storage areas in our cruising lives.  Not only do we use them for food storage, but they have become indispensable for storage of tools, spares, photos, DVD’s, important ships papers,  you name it and we store so many different things in waterproof Ziploc bags.

ziplocYou can always tell a cruising yacht has been out of the States a very long time if you see cleaned Ziploc bags drying on the lifelines getting ready for the next use!

But, did you also know there are now really big Ziploc bags that will hold clothing, pillows, blankets, towels  and the space saving is incredible.  Not to mention the fact that anything stored is away from any wet or salty atmosphere which keeps your soft goods clean smelling and totally free of mildew.

Look at this photo I recently took as I was stowing my winter blankets, a couple of down pillows, and a king size down comforter in one large Ziploc bag!!!  When I stacked this on the bunk to stow everything, the pile was large and I truly wondered how I could get it all in a locker.  Then I went to the grocery store!  There I found the large ZipLoc bags that had a valve for pushing in a vacuum nozzle to pull all the air out of the closed up bag.  I stuffed, I mean it took some creative arranging to get two down pillows, one wool blanket, and one king size down comforter into this plastic bag.  I zipped it up, put the vacuum nozzle in the valve, and kept pressing down on this huge envelope of bedding.  Within minutes I had a flat as a pancake plastic bag totally condensed into no space at all, and in a vacuum to keep out all possibility of moisture and mildew.  A miracle of stowage for a sail boat!

Try them, they are so easy to find, so great to use, and they make stowing large heavy items manageable.


P.S. With the smaller well known Ziploc bags I do the same thing for pulling out all the air with food storage.  Except my vacuum is my mouth over a tiny bit of open sealing, and taking a big breath in and pulling out all the air in that bag. Amazing how you are the creator of the vacuum sealer!!!