PAM SAYS: The Toilet on Your Boat – Keep reading you will thank me for this!!!


OK, here is a subject that you probably think, “I don’t need to read anything about a toilet on my boat!”

But you are mistaken, because here is something I found on a boat and it has turned out to be a fantastic remedy to a difficult situation, AND it is a great idea that really works.

Here goes, I hope you are still with me! What it is like sitting on the toilet seat of your boat, doing what you have to do, or perhaps just reading a good yachting magazine!!! Come on, we all do that!

Your boat is sailing and presumably, if a monohull, heeling over on one tack or another. While sitting on the toilet seat, you have to sort of balance your legs and maybe even your elbows and hands, to keep the slippery toilet seat from sliding to one side or the other. A nuisance, but one you live with all the time.

toiletEventually, perhaps, the hinges on your toilet seat break because of all the sliding around of the seat on the toilet bowl rim. And then you either have to replace the hinges, or buy another toilet seat complete with new hinges, and where in the Bahamas will you find that, please tell me?

We were on a boat that had solved that problem, and we converted our toilet seat with this great idea!

Here is what you do. Remember all toilet seats have the little slippery plastic spacers on them to raise the toilet seat off the bowl. This is what slides around on the toilet bowl rim when heeling or even thumping into a steep head sea while on the wind! BUT, if you mark on the bottom of the toilet seat exactly where the inside of the bowl is, and then glue and fasten on a stopper fiddle on both sides of the toilet seat that go down alongside the inside of the bowl tightly, well, Bob’s Your Uncle, and the toilet seat cannot longer move at all!

If one picture is worth a thousand words, look at the toilet seat after we made this simple addition that we made out of wood, fastened with glue and screws, and coated with resin! It works a miracle!!!

Pam Says, this is a great addition to the comfort of your toilet. I hope you agree!

P.S. Another quick pearl of wisdom about marine toilets. They should always be installed facing either forward or aft! If they are in a head compartment, facing athwart ships, when on one tack you are leaning against the cabinets or hull and thrown backwards, and the when on the other tack you are being thrown out the door of the head compartment!!! It only makes sense to have a toilet facing fore and aft with a bulkhead on one side and a counter on the other side, that kind of nicely keeps you sitting tall!