Pam’s List of COOL PRODUCTS – Revised February 2018

SOS Flare

Hello from Pam after revising her Cool Products No One Knows About List!

Below are a few links to the Cool Products I talk about in my seminars.  Many of you have requested this list, and below is how you can find these products at the lowest prices. 

I hope this helps you and if there is anything I can do to assist in telling more about why I have these products on this list, or how I have used them so successfully, don’t hesitate to contact me at:

I will be giving this one hour seminar next week at the Miami Boat Show on Thursday,  February 15, at 1:30pm in seminar room Port.  To get a lot more information from me on each of these products try to come to this seminar where I will talk about all of them and why they are so handy to have aboard your boats…

I hope to see you at the Miami Boat Show next week, and for those who have already attended this seminar, may I thank you, personally, for sharing this with me..

See the List Below:

Have a great time cruising and I hope some of these great products will help you along the way!