Salt of a Sailor: A Hilarious, True-to-Life Tale

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I am usually hesitant to read a book about sailing.  I am so over authors who should know better but paint a wrong picture, in my eyes, because they simply are not accurate.  Even some movies on sailing infuriate me because they misrepresent the lifestyle I love and know so well!

But, occasionally I read a sailing book that I just cannot put down.  One was by John Ottenbacher, “Sailing Grace” and another by John Kretschmer, “At the Mercy of the Sea.”  Once I read the first paragraph of these books, I could not put them down.  I was compelled to read on through the night until, sadly, I finished their stories that were so well written and so vividly captured our sailing lifestyle.

The same thing happened to me when reading the new book “Salt of a Sailor” by Annie Dike.

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I did not know Annie, although I did see some FB posts about her new book.  Out of the blue Annie happened through Fort Lauderdale recently, and we had lunch together.

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Were like two teenagers talking about cute guys, but instead of men, we were talking about our love for our boats!

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“Salt of a Sailor” is a book that ‘tells it like it is’ out there sailing.  If you are worried about what you do not know about sailing, this book will enlighten you.  Although she knows nothing about sailing or boats, Annie finds herself buying a boat with her boyfriend and planning to set off on her first passage⎯ a hearty jaunt across the Gulf of Mexico.  Her voyage of discovery in the life of sailing is written with such charm, such modesty, and such humor that you will find yourself laughing out loud, literally!

I loved this book.  It is about real life.  It enchanted me when Annie referred back to her childhood and how it prepared her for this new life at sea.  The book is hilarious, it is true to life, and it is totally accurate.  I could not put it down.

Annie’s book is available on Amazon in hard copy or Kindle here —

You can follow Annie’s ongoing adventures via her blog,, or FB,  If you read the book, be sure to tell Annie what you think.  She loves to hear from readers and swap salty sailing stories.


How about you followers?  Have you read any good sailing books recently you would like to share?