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Current Seminars

Seminars by Pam Wall are given at numerous conventions, yacht clubs, and boat shows around the world. The price of these are dependent on the location she is lecturing at, but many times they are free for those participating in the event. They highlight different aspects of important topics involving sailing, cruising, and life on the water.

Pam is also available to give private seminars for your organization, crew, or club. For a list of venues that Pam has presented at CLICK HERE.

Listed below are some of the Seminars that Pam gives with brief descriptions.The most entertaining and informative aspects of these seminars are the interactions, questions, and the open & welcoming environment that Pam creates. Below you will find the descriptions of each seminar.  With audience participation encouraged, the specifics of each presentation change from event to event.

“A Family Sails Around the World”

Have you ever dreamed of sailing around the world with your family?  Pam Wall with her husband and two small children followed their dreams of seeing the world from the deck of their thirty-nine foot sloop.  Share Pam’s adventures aboard her boat as she and her family circumnavigate the world.  Watching two young children grow up aboard a small boat is not only fascinating, but educational as well.  See the family’s enthusiasm for this wonderful lifestyle in a slide presentation that will make you want to cast off!

“Outfitting for Blue Water Cruising”

What can I do to make my boat a blue water sailing yacht?   Come and see Pam Wall’s educational seminar on “Outfitting for Blue Water Cruising.” Learn from Pam and her families’ experiences while sailing across the oceans.  Her expert knowledge will help anyone learn  the essentials of blue water cruising equipment.  Along with the obvious little products that are so important.  Pam gives knowledgable and practical ideas on how to make your boat , easier to handle,  safer, and more fun to sail!

“Atlantic Circle, Florida to Ireland and Return”

We can’t afford the airfare, so let’s sail our children to school in France!  That is what Pam Wall and her family did.  The children were to go to school in Europe, and instead of flying them across the ocean, the whole family sailed across the Atlantic!  Come and share the Atlantic crossing from Florida to Ireland and France and back.  See the islands in the Atlantic, visit Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal.  Cruise back through the West Indies to Florida.  See their one year Atlantic Circle aboard a thirty nine foot sloop.

“Cruising the Bahamas”

I don’t have to sail around the world to be in Paradise!  Pam Wall has sailed around the world, but her most favorite place of all is in her back yard!  The Bahamas are Pam’s favorite cruising grounds, and she takes you there with a flair!  See the beauty of these magnificent islands, so near, yet so far.  This slide presentation will have you jumping into the clear water before you know it.

“Hurricane Preparation”

After surviving three direct hits by hurricanes in the Bahamas, Pam Wall describes in detail what she learned to survive and to protect her boat in storms and hurricanes.  There are in depth lists and suggestions for proper equipment to have aboard and what to do to avoid damage.  The seminar ends with Pam showing videos of Hurricanes Dennis and Floyd that hit her while cruising in the Bahamas.  This is a seminar that everyone should attend to be fully prepared for any bad weather that you may encounter.

“Destination Azores”

Sail with Pam aboard her 39 foot sloop KANDARIK from Fort Lauderdale to Bermuda and then on to the Azores.  This passage is one that many cruisers contemplate, and if you sail the route with Pam you will see how wonderful an ocean passage it is.  End up in the Azores Islands where there are interesting pictures of the volcanic eruption in the 1950’s and wonderful photos of when Andy was able to go out sailing in the Azorean whaleboats in 1972!  These photos were taken when Pam and Andy sailed there on their honeymoon cruise aboard their 30 foot CARRONADE!

“SEA CLOUD Trans Atlantic Passage”

Join Pam as she sails across the Atlantic Ocean on the famous four masted bark, SEA CLOUD.  The SEA CLOUD cruises often have guest lectures for their passengers.  Pam was invited to be a guest lecturer for the November 2009 passage that sails the lovely and historic bark from her Mediterranean cruises to her winter Caribbean routes.  40 passengers and 67 crew made this trade wind passage different from all the sailing Pam has done over the years.  Come and see what it is like to sail aboard a luxury square rigged ship across the thundering Trade Winds.  This is an experience not to miss!

“Women & Cruising”

Pam Wall and Kathy Parsons (author of “Spanish for Cruisers” and “French for Cruisers” ) found that making the leap to life afloat was one of the best decisions they ever made. Together they ask the audience, usually mostly women, to ask them questions and then they follow with answers as they know them.  Each question is different, and their answers can be completely diverse as they attempt to show other women that no one has the right or wrong answer, but what is right for them personally.

In this lively and practical seminar, they share their experiences and adventures. You will learn about the joys, challenges and surprises that Pam and Kathy discovered by sailing away.

The “Women and Cruising Seminar “is different every time they give it – because it all depends on who is in the audience and what questions they are concerned with.  This is a give and take seminar where the audience becomes completely involved.

“Women on the Water Week at B.E.Y.C.”

Come and join Pam as she takes you to the lovely Bitter End Yacht Club for their annual event WOW, Women on the Water Week. Hear all about this week filled with sailing instruction for women by women, and the frosting on the cake, staying at the unique Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands. Every year BEYC hosts this remarkable event where women come from all over the globe to begin or increase their sailing skills. Pam and the other women instructors have the women sailing for fun, competition, and knowledge on lovely Gorda Sound. This presentation takes you to the greatest sailing resort on the planet, and shows the many women who come to have sailing instruction, by women, and HAVE A GREAT RESORT EXPERIENCE.