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Recent Event Locations

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Pam Wall is available to give seminars at nearly any location. If you are interested in finding out how you could have Pam lecture, please send an inquiry via email to: pam@pamwall.com

Below is a list of some of the lectures, seminars, and events that Pam gives throughout each year.

Seminars at all the Sail America, Strictly Sail Boat Shows

  • St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Atlantic City, N.J.
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Oakland, Ca.
  • Liberty Landing, N.J.
  • Philadelphia, Pa.

Cruising Club of America, Bonnell Cove Foundation

  • “Suddenly Alone” Seminars at various locations across the country

Sailing Instructor at the Bitter End Yacht Club in British Virgin Islands

  • Instructor for Women on the Water Week for four years
  • Instructor for Boating Week January 2004

Speaker at the yearly meetings of the Windjammer Association, Baltimore, Maryland

Speaker at various U.S. Power Squadron groups and Coast Guard Auxiliary

Speaker at various Rotary Club Meetings

Speaker at Mariners Club

  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Speaker for various charitable institutions, hospitals, schools, churches, etc.

Speaker at Annapolis Boat Show

  • Cruising World Sponsors

Speaker at Newport Boat Show

  • Newport, Rhode Island

Speaker at various yacht clubs

  • Lauderdale Yacht Club
  • Atlantic and Gulf Coast Yacht Club
  • Miami Yacht Club
  • Venture Yacht Club
  • Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club
  • Gulfstream Sailing Club
  • Chicago Yacht Club
  • Columbia Yacht Club
  • And more

Speaker for West Marine at various stores across the country

Guest Lecturer aboard the SEA CLOUD Trans Atlantic Passage 2009

Ocean Cruising Club – Port Officer

Cruising Club of America – Member

Seven Seas Cruising Club – Member

[to see a description of Pam Wall’s Seminars click here]