September 17-18, 2016 | Newport International Boat Show Workshops

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As the old circus hawkers used to say, “Hurry hurry, hurry!!!!” My two workshops during the Newport International Boat Show will be filling up quickly.  Register soon! It will be so fantastic to have a real Workshop to be able to get so much more information for you in 3.5 hours instead of the usual rushed 1 hour seminar!  I am so excited to be able to give a real in depth class on Outfitting your boat for blue water cruising on Saturday September 17th, and on Sunday September 18th join me in a cruise of the Bahamas where I will be able to decide on weather, take you across the Gulfstream to my favorite harbors and anchorages. We can also share in the fun project of preparing your boat, and stocking up before a wonderful cruise in the gorgeous islands of the Bahamas.

Come one, come all, and let’s all take advantage of really thorough workshops!

Lee Chesneau will be giving workshops in the mornings, and I will be with you in the afternoons!  It will be an unprecedented opportunity to have workshops right at the Newport International Boat Show.

I hope to see  you there!  Any questions, just let me know.  Let all your friends know I will be so thrilled to finally have the amount of time to pass on to you what I have condensed over so many years of seminars at the fabulous Newport International Boat Show!

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