September 8-11, 2016 | Wooden Boat Festival, Port Townsend, Washington

Wooden Boat Festival 2016

Many years ago in 1991 I was asked by the Wooden Boat Festival to give my very first “A Family Sails Around the World” slide show! My family had just returned from sailing KANDARK all around our fabulous globe, and I actually had a slide show!  Does anyone remember what slides are or the big heavy slide projectors?  That was pretty up scale back then!!!

Happily I am going back to this  unique boat show that features so many wonderful seminars, exhibits, wooden boats and equipment for crafted from wood.  It is an historic event that gives us a taste of history, craftmanship, and the love of creating wooden vessels.  Truly the wooden boat exemplifies our seafaring history.

The Wooden Boat Festival is different from any other boat show you have attended.   It is more like a dream come true for the builders who still use wood, and cabinet tools, and equipment that make up a true seagoing vessel!

I am honored to be invited back.   I invite you to my seminars, and all the unique  presentations this special boat show has to offer.

My seminars are listed below.  But take a careful look at all the other presentations over the weekend that you will never see anywhere else.

See you there!


Saturday, September 10 at 9:30am in the Olympic Room,

“Outfitting for Blue Water Cruising”

Sunday, September ll at 10:45am in the Olympic Room

“A Family Sails Around the World”

Sunday, September ll at 1:15pm in the Discovery Room

“Cool Products No One Knows About”

Total Seminar Schedule Here