Great Sat Phone Info from Annie with


Sometimes this electronic gear can seem SO complicated!  I remember trying to decipher all of these satellite service packages, how many “minutes” each type of transmission costs, how even to make or receive calls!  But, after some serious research and some serious help from the very professional and friendly associates at OCENS even this old sailor learned a few new tricks.  I doubt I will be as proficient as Annie on it while she crosses the Atlantic Ocean this June on a (high hopes!) planned non-stop journey from Florida to France on a 46′ French-built Catamaran.  Annie did a great job of sharing what she learned in a recent blog post about the different data packages, the services OCENS offers and the various pros and cons of different apps and data programs.  If any of you are researching sat phones or planning a blue water passage soon where you will want satellite service, this information is invaluable.

What a joy it was to be able to talk to our children at home, and send emails at sea, and even get weather grib files the last time Andy and I crossed the Atlantic!!  Thank Annie by joining her journey across the Atlantic Ocean on Patreon and thank OCENS giving them a call to discuss the incredible satellite services they provide!

Cross Oceans with OCENS Satellite Service — by Annie Dike with