Some Happy Campers. Rather, Some Happy Sailors!


I just wanted to share a cute firsthand experience of one of my favorite cays in the Bahamas and what can happen after a little support & information from me.

Hello Pam!

I just have to write to tell you how much Lisa and I are enjoying our time at Man-O-War. As you, no doubt know, this is a very special place. I can honestly say I have not felt this comfortable and relaxed in years! We originally thought we might stay three or four days. Today is day five and we still have not decided to move on. The people we have met here have been so friendly and welcoming. The boat building heritage on the island fascinates me – I could stand and look at an Albury sailing dinghy all afternoon. They are simply beautiful!

We went into Edwin’s boat yard office our fist day here to say “hi from Pam”; Jan Manni was in the office; she was glad to hear from you and sends her best. She asked what our plans were and I mentioned that we would eventually be leaving the boat somewhere nearby for a month while we traveled back to the states. She said she might have s spot for us, to check back later in the week. I met with her today, they have a slip for us for the month of May, and the price is perfect! We can now leave Virginia Dare feeling comfortable and confident that she will be in a safe place. I can’t thank you enough for the connection at Edwin’s and the recommendation to make a stop at Man-O-War.

Another example of the wonderful experience we have had here was our search for the bakery yesterday. We rode our bikes on every street looking for the bakery listed in the guide and on the map in the chart books – with no luck. After a while, we stopped at the post office and Lisa went in to buy some stamps. A woman (Shawna) came out of the post office and smiled and said hello (like everyone does here) and I asked her if the bakery was nearby. She said that unfortunately Lola had had a stroke a while ago and was not baking any longer. Then she said, “hold on a minute”, made a phone call and spoke to the woman who is now doing some baking. The woman baking said she was just pulling some cinnamon rolls out of her oven, did we want some? YES PLEASE!! Shawna collected our payment and got it to the woman who baked the rolls. She dropped the rolls at the grocery for us to pick up after our bike ride. In addition, Shawna said she was going to be out of town on Friday and we could purchase the loaf of bread she had reserved if we wanted it. YES PLEASE! Such a wonderful way to live!

Last evening while we were enjoying the sunset from the boat I said to Lisa, “I am so glad that we decided to call Pam and meet with her before we came over here”. She agreed that it was one of the best decisions we’ve made on our trip. While we could have crossed the Gulf Stream and come to the Abacos and had a pleasant time, I feel like we are truly experiencing the Abacos more fully because of the things you have shared with us. Thank you!

We’ll keep you posted and we’ll keep saying “hi from Pam”.

Warm Regards,