SOS Electronic Flares – Here at Last – Flares That Do Not Expire – Flares That Last For Hours

SOS Flare 2

Oh my goodness!! At last there is a flare that does not expire, that lasts for hours, and flashes an SOS signal; while up in the air, or floating in the water!  What am I talking about?  The new Weems and Plath SOS Electronic Flare. 

I no longer need to purchase expensive flares that expire and go out quickly when they hit the water!!  This new U.S. Coast Guard Approved Electronic Flare is the new modern, and much more practical,  way to have your necessary emergency flares aboard your boat. 

These flares work on three C Batteries, that can easily be replaced after use.   The SOS Flare floats, stays on for many hours, and sends out an SOS signal of flashes. 

I have three of these flares.  One on KANDARIK, one in my ditch bag, and one in my tender.  They are truly an important new flare that everyone should have aboard their boat!!!

Here is an easy link to Amazon where you can click and order.