October 9-10, 2017 | SpinSheet – Chesapeake Bay Sailing Magazine – Read This About the Cruising Women Class I teach at Cruisers University – Following the Annapolis Sailboat Show

Cruisers University

Women of all ages!! And Women Who Want to Know More About Cruising, read this article below about a woman who attended the Cruising Women’s two day class at Cruisers University following the famous Annapolis Spring Boat Show.

Wendy Woods was a student who took full advantage of our Cruising Women’s classes at Cruisers University.  This could be you, like Wendy, feeling happy and at home and knowledgeable about sailing and cruising after attending our class.  I say Our Class, because Behan Gifford, of the well known ‘Sailing Totem” and author of “Kids Aboard,” is my friend and partner teaching this class.  What a wonderful duo we make!!!

We have nothing but great things come from this two day class that Cruisers University has had for many years now.  It is my pleasure and honor to help so many women feel better, and become full fledged crew members on the boats they love!

Watch for my next post that will have the full schedule for this unique class only held at Cruisers University at both the spring and fall Annapolis Sailboat Shows!!!

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