Two Really Great Boats That Need New Owners Who Will Appreciate Them

belairThe fun part of what I do in life is putting friends together who can mutually help one another. This is what I enjoy most about working in the Marine Industry. I don’t have any customers, as they all become, and remain, my good and dear friends.

It really is fun for me to know of great boats that have had great owners, and are now waiting for someone just as perfect to find them and continue sailing them in the tradition of their past owners.

I can tell you about two boats, both very different from each other, but both with thoroughbred backgrounds and already well proven that they are special boats meant for special people.

Take a look at the lovely boat Belair. A custom designed and custom built boat from New Zealand. My friends Bob and Betsy purchased her through luck! in New Zealand after completing a circumnavigation in a smaller boat. When they saw BELAIR in New Zealand they knew instantly what a seaworthy, comfortable, safe, and well designed boat she is. Since then, Bob and Betsy have sailed her across the Pacific, up in Alaska, down around Cape Horn and the Falkland Islands, down and up the coast of South America, and timaruto my dock here in Fort Lauderdale. BELAIR is a one of a kind boat. Take a look at her and if you want any more information on her, let me know. She is ready for a new passage immediately.

And, then take a look at Timaru. Another boat with classic breeding, handsome lines, lovely to live aboard, great sailing boat, and a joy to own. She is also in Florida, and has been at my dock many times. Her owners just bought a much larger boat and have TIMARU in perfect sailing away condition.

Let me know if there is anything here that interests you. Both these boats I can recommend with no hesitation whatsoever. I know the boats well, I know the owners well, I know where they have sailed, and I really do admire both of them.

Smooth Sailing on the Right Boat.

Want to see the details? Click here for Belair and here for Timaru.